Mastering MEAN Development.

I’m very proud to write this new blog post with a great news about our web development community, packtpub launches a web resource for MEAN development called Mastering MEAN.

A resource with 50 world class developers, i’m part of the team with a full course and 8 lessons about Single Page Web Application development.

As everybody knows MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express Framework, AngularJS, Node.js.

It is a great satisfaction to be part of this incredible team of developers. Our intention is to evangelize the entire web community and present all the news about the technologies involving this amazing ecosystem.

Mastering MEAN.
Mastering MEAN course page

Full-stack experts and skilled teachers will show you the breadth and depth of the MEAN stack.

The initiative

Imagine you have gathered in one place, many outstanding professionals in the world scenario. All sharing knowledge and good practices in the use of the latest technologies.

The initiative of Packtpub was great, gather a team of extremely high quality and make available a high quality stuff such as lessons, videos and complete courses to develop MEAN applications. You can find lessons from: Amos Q. Haviv, Luke Madera, Matt Frisbie, David Herron and many others.

Mastering MEAN is crafted and published by industry experts and established community figures.

A lot of lessons.

Over 250 lessons about MEAN stack, covering from the basics to advanced stuff like: Single Page Development, Angular development and mnay more.

Mastering MEAN

Learn and Master the full MEAN stack with over 250 lessons from 50 world class developers.

Definitely a place you should visit at least once.

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