Why you don’t need to wait for AngularJS 2.0.

Sorry for the Portuguese friends, but the first version of this post came in English. After one year developing AngularJS applications for the enterprise sector, we can had many good feedbacks and some many troubles to facing during the development process, right?

All AngularJS dev team are committed to delivering the best tool for building modern web applications, for now and for the future of the web, but wait! We don’t need to wait till the end of the year to have a new framework version, the currently stable 1.3 is very powerful and we can take advantage of this right now.

AngularJS 2.0 and the enterprise sector.

Did you know how many applications are developed in AngularJS for enterprise applications till now? Probably not much and you know why?

AngularJS is relative new, technologies like Java and .Net are on the way for more time than AngularJS.

And obsolete manager will never choose a technology that does not have domain. Simple right?

The Restful architecture maybe change this paradigm in the future, but we as developers must fight against this kind of thinking right now. For sure you don’t need the AngularJS to build another institutional website or another e-commerce tool. But you need to know AngularJS, for your own purpose.

AngularJS and the startup sector

Can you ask me, for what Startups believe in AngularJS?

Inovation! this is the question. Enterprise companies must delivery solid products and don’t have time to bet another technology. Sure startups must deliver solid products too, but the difference is to believe and working for that.

Compatibility between versions 1.3 to 2.0

How can we read in various articles around the web, much will change, especially the adoption of Atscript, based heavily on ECS6.

Everything is still very new and you must use what we have in hands this time. Without thinking about a transition in one or two years.

Indeed have a solid product in the software market using a technology that is constantly changing is not an easy task.

When I say solid product, I mean the amount of people who use and benefit from it.

The AngularJS guys are doing an amazing job, and the possibility of a roadmap for code migration and adequacy of the new standards is very great. So if you don’t use the framework right now, you don’t need the right to ask for compatibility.

Future or try now?

Again, the 1.3 version is very stable, we have a big environment out there with a lot of generators, modules, tutorials and Directives build on top of 1.2 and 1.3 version.

The ecosystem still very vibrant, use now!

Building solid products, the migration will be another chapter, and your software new version can be writing in another framework than the new AngularJS right?


The web still growing friends, like a baby yet, think forward and push the web evolution!

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