50% Off on AngularJS Directives Cookbook.

Hello guys, this post is to promote my new book released by Packtpub and introduce them to the development of directives AngularJS.

AngularJS Directives Cookbook
AngularJS Directives Cookbook

50% Off | Validity: 25th Jan until 8th Feb 2016!

That’s right, do not miss the opportunity to buy this book with 50% discount for ebook version!

Here’s what you will find in this wondrous book.

    1. Build and customize external HTML templates, and create simple, effective directives for common interface components.
    1. Learn how to use Controller function and any Bootstrap UI directives to manipulate the DOM and how to transform any UI library into AngularJS directives.
    1. Construct an AngularJS application to use shared components and validate your HTML5.
    1. Discover how to use jQuery events and manipulate the DOM using jQuery UI inside AngularJS applications.
    1. Create custom directives for ongoing projects using Yeoman generators, and find out how to implement standalone directives.
    1. Build reusable directives for Large AngularJS applications and extend directives to use dynamic templates.
    1. Write unit test for directives using the Karma runner and Jasmine’s behavior-driven development framework.

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AngularJS Directives Cookbook
AngularJS Directives Cookbook
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