ResponsiveBoilerplate updated.

Responsive Roilerplate receive a major update.

Now is very easy to start a project using Responsive Boilerplate, if you already have Node.js and npm (Node Package Manager), Grunt.js and Bower installed just execute the command.

Using Bower Component Manager (

	bower install responsiveboilerplate

Also of course if you don’t have Node.js you can just clone the repo:

	git clone

Installing the dependencies.

Using npm (Node.js)

After clone or install through Bower run the command.

	npm install

This will install all de dependencies.

Working fast

using Grunt.js

Now you enviroment is almost ready, just running command:


If you are on windows:


All the project will be linted and validated.

You can ready more about on: Responsive Boilerplate

But don’t worry if you aren’t familliar with all this tricks, all you need to use are on the CSS folder on the github here, we also recommend using the index.html as your starting point.

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