AngularJS Yeoman Generator to help you getting started with a new project based on AngularJS, Bootstrap or Angular Material to build large scale applications.


  • Implemented Best Practices, following: John Papa's Guide
  • Using Controller AS syntax
  • Wrap Angular components in an Immediately Invoked Function Expression (IIFE)
  • Declare modules without a variable using the setter syntax
  • Using named functions
  • Grouped by features
  • Including Unit test with Karma and Jasmine
  • Two UI options: Bootstrap or Angular-Material
  • Including Angular-Material-Icons for Angular-Material UI
  • Template cache for Angular-Material theme
  • Dynamic Menu generator for both themes
  • Grunt.js task for Production and Development

Getting started videos


With best practices in mind, the Directory Structure are prepared to scale.


Build with Sub-generators to create Modules and Directives, you can easly extend with your own Sub-generators.

Easy to use

If you already know Yeoman, Grunt.js, Bower, you can use ANGM generator with no pain.