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A lightweight (2kb) micro-library, elegant & minimalistic CSS3 grid system, made with only three main classes and 12 columns. It`s very easy to use and understand, pre-packed with some extra CSS helpers for mobile devices.

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An easy starting point using Grunt and Bower. It is designed to give you a quick and organized way to start developing web apps with best practices in mind.

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Simple generator to building modular AngularJS applications following the best practices.

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Simple CSS Responsive Grid. Lightweight Responsive CSS Grid System, build to be Simple Fast and Intuitive, only 1kb minified.

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JavaScript Lightweight Components.

SASA Grid Block Project Image
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Responsive Grid Block Build with SASS & Compass with typograph include.

Sublime Text Snippets Project Image
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Package of Resposive Boilerplate Snippets for sublime text editor

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Simple and Lightweight Jekyll Theme Build with SASa.