Responsive Aeon

Elegant & minimalist CSS grid!

Why So Simple?

Convention over configuration, just twelve columns,less code to learn means less bugs to solve.

Why Fast?

Almost 120 lines of code and only 1kb minified and Gzip. Load in 2ms with 56kbps.

Why Intuitive?

Just place the columns classes: col1, col2, col3 between the main containers and done!

Cross-size - Cross-device.


Demo and Download

This page was created using the Aeon Grid as it is, no extra class was added in mediaqueries. Very useful for projects from scratch. We think that the less you worry about the basics you can be more productive in development. *Tested in the most recent browsers.

For a better web experience use a updated browser.
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We have put ResponsiveAeon on GitHub to make handling code maintenance and issue tracking easier. Please log issues through GitHub.

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